Tuesday, November 12, 2019

2019 Awards Eligibility Post

Hi all! It's that time again to start to wrap up the year and get ready for...awards season [*shudder*].

2019 has been and continues to be...a challenge, we'll say. But I've managed to have some work out that I'm incredibly proud of, and I've continued my work here at Quick Sip Reviews as well as through my Patreon. I've tried some new things and expanded my coverage of short fiction to review more venues than ever (not an easy feat, given what I'd been doing already). But let's take it in chunks. For your consideration...

I know that there aren't many poetry awards, but I want to draw what attention I can to "How to Spend Your Free Time," which came out in Fireside Magazine earlier this year. It's a rather Millennial poem for me, and I do hope you like it!

Short Fiction:
If I had to pick one story I'm most proud of this year, it's probably "The Sloppy Mathematics of Half-Ghosts," which came out at Strange Horizons. It's weird, queer, bittersweet, and full of cats and sex. It is my heart, offered to the void.

I've also published a few other stories that I very much love, though, including "Undercurrents," which further explores a world where rivers are sentient. This piece takes a more human perspective, though, looking at the cost of technology and the fragile but resilient will to resist.

"Dance of the Tinboot Fairy" is short, brash, and (I hope) tinged with a sort of ass-kicking beauty. It appeared in A Punk Rock Future.

Fan Work:
I have continued to do just about everything I can to be an advocate and fan of short fiction, and I'll once again clock over 800 reviews of short fiction & poetry on Quick Sip Reviews covering many venues. I've added a lot this year, including PodCastle, Escape Pod, Diabolical Plots, Augur, Translunar Travelers Lounge, and three different Serial Box projects. I've covered my approach to what I do as part of my 4000 Reviews: An Introspective.

I also ran the 4th Annual Sippy Awards covering excellent SFF Relationships, Making Me Ugly-Cry, Horror, Action!, and I-Don't-Know-What. The Sippys are one of my very favorite projects, a completely personal way of honoring the short SFF that really connected with me.

Another favorite ongoing project is my Liver Beware! reviews, covering the "classic" original Goosebumps books...drunkenly! You can find a list of the public posts here.

I've also run a few reviews at The Book Smugglers, including looks at Ninth Step Station, The Vela, and an X Marks the Story covering the first half of 2019.

There's also a new venture, Quick Conversations, which kicked off with a discussion about Post-Apocalyptic Short Fiction.

Plus my ongoing work to promote Some Queer Short SFF, which I collect every month.

A quick note on this. I don't think that paid fanwork should disqualify a person from consideration for awards such as the Hugo Best Fanwriter award, but I do want to be transparent so I will say that I do run a Patreon to help support the work I do on Quick Sip Reviews and elsewhere. None of the content listed above is paywalled, though, and I received no payment for my posts on other blogs, such as The Book Smugglers, in 2019.

Oh, and because fanwork goes beyond blogging, here are a few Twitter threads that I had in 2019:

"Cardboard Villains"
Weakness and Masculinity
Objectivity and Reviewing

Okay, that should do it! Thank you so much for your consideration! Cheers!

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