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Hey, you're probably at this site because you like short fiction. Perhaps you're at this site because you figure I'm not the worst person ever. Well maybe you'd then be interested at some fiction written by me! Listed (and linked where possible) are where my fiction has appeared. Maybe go check them out if you want. Thanks!


"Stitched Together" (forthcoming November 2019) in American Monsters part 2, Fox Spirit Books
Fantasy/Horror. Description to come...

"Dance of the Tinboot Fairy" (forthcoming 10/08/2019) at Zsenon Publishing (A Punk Rock Future)
Dystopian/Science Fiction. Sequel to "Nothing" (2015). A young dancer gets brought into a revolution, and puts his skills to use in one unforgettable performance.

"The Sloppy Mathematics of Half-Ghosts" (forthcoming October 2019) at Strange Horizons
Science Fiction/Fantasy. Napoleon is dead, and it's up to the first ghost ship that get to him to transport his spirit to the sainted hereafter in the Heart of the Universe. Jourdain has something of a personal connection, though, that might give his captain and ship an edge in getting to him first...

"Just Toonin'" (forthcoming September 2019) in Speculative Masculinities, Galli Books
Fantasy. A coyote. A road runner. A chase. It's an old story, but one complicated by a new presence in Toonville, and a dangerous new rhetoric spreading.

"How to Spend Your Free Time" (forthcoming 2019) at Fireside Magazine (Issue #70/Quarterly July 2019)
Poem. Based on every editorial that gives "advice" on how people (especially Millennials) should use their time.

"Undercurrents" (03/28/2019) at Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Fantasy. A Dowser, one tasked to hunt sentient rivers, and his family must navigate the twisted web of resistance, faith, and violence while staying true to themselves and each other, and standing for what is right.


"Hero for the Holidays" (forthcoming 12/2018) at Dreamspinner Press (Advent Calendar 2018) SPANDEX AND SUPERPOWERS #5
Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance. Cody thinks that watching a supervillain's lair of the holidays is just what he needs to get over a bad breakup. Little does he know just how ridiculous it can get.

"Luc Orphelin and the Hodag of Rhinelander" (09/10/2018) at Lethe Press (Gents anthology)
Erotica, Steampunk. Luc Orphelin really just wants a comfortable bed and somewhere to groom his mustache. Too bad a mystery has pulled him all the way to a logging town in Wisconsin.

"A Friendly Ghostbusting" (06/23/2018) at Lethe Press (THCock anthology)
Erotica, Urban Fantasy/Horror. Caspar and Yasahiro were once friends but are current rivals when they find a haunted house that will take both of them working together to survive.

"Humans Die, Stars Fade" (05/10/2018) at Escape Pod
Science Fiction. Sentient stars, human exploration, and a chance at healing after deep hurt, loneliness, and the possibility of complete failure.


"The Werewolf Before Christmas" (December 2017) at Dreamspinner Press (Stocking Stuffers Advent Calendar 2017) SPANDEX AND SUPERPOWERS #4
Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance. Alec Azam has a bit of a fragile ego, which is an asset as a supervillain but a liability as a boyfriend. When he makes a bet with an alien gorilla to pull off an elaborate romantic gesture, things just might blow up in his face...

Comic Book Romance (November 2017) at Dreamspinner Press SPANDEX AND SUPERPOWERS #3
Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance. Calvin Kant, ace reporter and secret superhero, is switching cities to protect his friends and his secret identity. The trouble he kicked up, though, isn't letting him go that easily.

"Perilous Knights" (November 2017) at Less Than Three Press (To The Victor anthology)
Erotic Romance, Steam Fantasy. Lamorak needs money if he's to stay independent of the father who wouldn't accept him. Which means he needs to win big at the next tourney. Court politics (and his own bad decisions) might complicate matters, though.

"Shoots and Ladders" (11/152017) at Diabolical Plots
Science Fiction. The rules of the game are simple. The gun destroys realities. What does it mean to win?

"becoming, c.a. 2000" (08/21/2017) at Glittership SF (Glittership Summer 2017)
Poem. Fantasy. Longing, identity, and the early internets meet in this poem. Excellent audio by Keffy R.M. Kehrli.

"Rivers Run Free" (07/20/2017) at Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Fantasy. The Lutean Empire has found a way to turn water into energy, which means the rivers are being hunted. A small group is determined to find help, but finds something different instead...

"Riding Red" (June 2017) at Less Than Three Press (Fairytales Slashed volume 8 Anthology)
Erotica, FantasyBig and Red are conmen and lovers hoping to trick an old woman out of her money. Unfortunately for them, Jack, another conman, had a similar idea, and unfortunately for all of them, the con might actually be on them...

"Those I Found in the Dark" (05/26/2017) at Twisted Moon
Poem. Fantasy. The sun is gone, but that doesn't mean there's nothing in the darkness...

"Riding Yggdrasil" (05/18/2017) in NASTY
Flash Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica. Odin spent nine days and nights hanging from the branches of Yggdrasil. He did it for knowledge. He did it for pleasure.

"The Sound of" (05/17/ 2017) at Nightmare Magazine
Science Fiction, Dystopia. They said the Sound would make them safer. They never really said how, and they never said what it meant when  you stopped hearing it.

"Feathers and Void" (05/16/2017) at Shimmer Magazine
Science Fiction. A murder of crows, or at least people encased in living crow-spaceships, seek a way to strike back at those who exploited them, all the while seeking freedom among the stars.

"Snow Devils" (01/27/2017) at Persistent Visions
Science Fiction. Aspen lives alone (well, but for Nara, his dog) in the cold and the snow and loneliness of the frozen waste the world has become. And then he meets Bry...

Flash Fiction, Historical Fantasy. Every forest has at least one dryad. How do you find them? And what do you do once they've been found? Passing, destruction, sex, and hope.


"The Death of Paul Bunyan" (12/27/2016) at Lightspeed Magazine
Near future fantasy, tall tale retelling. Paul Bunyan is dead and Johnny Appleseed is called to bear witness to the aftermath, and maybe more... Memories and regret, love and pain.

"How the Supervillain Stole Christmas" (12/01/2016) at Dreamspinner Press (Bah Humbug Advent Calendar 2016) SPANDEX AND SUPERPOWERS #2
Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance. Rex Devious sucks at picking out appropriate Christmas gifts and really, really doesn't want to mess up his new relationship. Solution? DESTROY CHRISTMAS!

"What Dora Saw" (10/15/2016) at Another Dimension Anthology
Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy. A psychic detective who can read objects with her touch is brought out to sea to check on a ship wreck that turns out to be quite different than she expected. 

"Defying Gravity" (09/12/2016) at Dreamspinner Press (Starstruck Anthology) SPANDEX AND SUPERPOWERS #1
Contemporary/Urban Fantasy Romance. Superheroing has been good to Gravity, but when a mysterious man shows up wanting to be his sidekick, things suddenly take a turn for the worse. Add evil twins and cosmic shark gods to the mix and, well...

"Burning Day" (07/01/2016) at Unlikely Story
Flash Fiction, Contemporary Fantasy/Weird. Every year people gather at the last snow to burn away their past, hoping maybe this time it will stay gone.

"Medium" (06/23/2016) at The Book Smugglers (The Book Smugglers Quarterly Almanac #1)
Contemporary/Urban Fantasy. Medium is a superhero who can channel the spirits of the dead into spectral energy and who's starting to learn there's a bit more to it than that.

"The Colors of Magic" (06/22/2016) at Torquere Books (Time of Your Life Anthology)
Erotica, Contemporary Fantasy. An m/m/f story about magic and traditions and love winning. And burned cookies.

"Fieldwork" (06/2016) at Dreamspinner Press (Walk on the Wild Side Daily Dose 2016)
Urban Fantasy Romance. The fur's set to fly in Chicago when an old gang stages a massive comeback. All that's standing in their way is a suave tiger-shifter and

"Beta Tester" (05/20/2016) at Torquere Books (Theory of Love Anthology)
Erotica, Science fiction. Noah is a tester of immersive video games and something of a social recluse until a new game shows him what, and who, he's been missing out on.

"A Million Future Days" (05/12/2016) at Lackington's (Issue #10 - Governments)
Dystopian/Science Fiction. The future splays out in a million different directions as a man navigates a life that seems to leave him no way out.

"Beyond Far Point" (04/25/2016) at Plasma Frequency Magazine
Flash Fiction, Steampunk. Coal's on the run with the automaton Twenty-Three and a stolen dragon, one step ahead of a posse intent on ending her. Beyond Far Point, she stops running.

"Trickster69" (04/20/2016) at Torquere Books (A Fool For Love Anthology)

"Ey Who Kissed the Sun" (04/15/2016) at Eye to the Telescope #20
Poem. Darkness and light, sex and departures. The theme of the issue is Family.

"Alexa" (02/28/2016) in Eldritch Embraces: Putting the Love Back in Lovecraft from Dragon's Roost Press
Fantasy/Horror. In the deep waters something waits for his captain to return. A gift must be given, a price must be paid.

"Taste of the Forest, Dark and Sweet" (02/24/2016) at Dreamspinner Press (Simmer Anthology)
Fantasy Romance. Bastian is in a slump, cooking-wise. And, let's face it, sex-wise as well. But when one of his line chefs turns out to be much more than meets the eye, Bastian might have found just what he needs.

"Pushpin and Pullpin" (01/12/2016) at Unlikely Story (Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix Anothology)
Flash Fiction, Contemporary Fantasy/Paranormal. Brother clowns, one who would throw a pie into the face of God, the other who would catch the divine retribution. Also ghosts and cupcakes and tragedy.


"Future Husband: A Letter" (12/21/2015) at Strange Horizons (podcast link)
Poem. A call and response in the form of a letter between a man and the future. Or a man and Clippy. Or a man and himself. A letter can be many things.

"Questing" (12/03/2015) at Circlet Press (Nights of the Round Table: Arthurian Erotica Anthology)
Erotica, Urban Fantasy. The knights of Camelot are immortal thanks to drinking from the Grail. How do Lancelot and his cohorts pass the ages? A game of quests! Though there are other things on Lancelot's mind when Palomides shows up with an offer up.

"A Friendly Ghostbusting" (10/28/2015) at Torquere Books (Haunted Hotties vol. II Anthology)
Erotica, Urban Fantasy/Horror. Caspar and Yasahiro were once friends but are current rivals when they find a haunted house that will take both of them working together to survive.

"Nothing" (10/15/2015) at Betwixt Magazine
Dystopian/Science Fiction. The poor try to get by while being seen as nothing in the eyes of the wealthy and politics make bad situations much worse.

"Tramposo" (09/29/2015) at Lamplight Magazine
Flash Fiction, Science Fiction/Horror. On Tramposo, people worship clowns as gods. Just not the way that Jacko anticipated.

"The Assistant's Contraption" (09/16/2015) at Torquere Books (also release bonus) (Exchange of Power Anthology)
Erotica, Steampunk/Fantasy. A mad scientist finds his assistant might not be the demur servant he thought, much to his...satisfaction.

"Rubbing is Racing" (06/09/2015) at Lightspeed Magazine (Queers Destroy Science Fiction!)
Flash Fiction, Science Fiction. A race over a doomed world has a few surprises for all involved.

"Spring Thaw" (04/15/2015) at Nightmare Magazine (also, Author Spotlight)
Science Fiction/Horror. An expedition to Antarctica is supposed to offer a chance to forget, but some things are not recovered from. Some things only wait to be uncovered.

"Capital Coffee" (02/28/2015) at Electric Spec
Flash Fiction, Horror/Humor. What happens when zombies discover coffee? They run.

"The Thousand Year Tart" (02/09/2015) at Fantasy Scroll Magazine
Science Fiction. Theater and cooking combine in this story where the main character puts a bit of himself into his art.


"Handful of Spring" (11/02/2014) at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
Fantasy. A group of people have to travel through seasonal lands to retrieve a much-needed spring. They've gotten through all but winter, which promises to be deadly. 

"Letters to Hell" (05/26/2014) at Every Day Fiction
Flash Fiction, Urban Fantasy. The post office has opened up Hell for deliveries. A man writes to his grandfather, and hopes to cash in on the replies.

"Busting Faces" (04/20/2014 in Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails from Dragon's Roost Press
Flash Fiction, Post-apocalyptic. After a disease wiped out most of the population, a man remains in the once-grand capital city and destroys statues. For love.

"No Words" (04/07/2014) at Every Day Fiction
Flash Fiction. A guy working in a video store is waiting for his big break. His coworker is waiting for Thor and Loki to make out already.


"Seven Seconds" (06/01/2013) at Perihelion Science Fiction (no longer archived)
Science Fiction. Popular culture and art have become a series of seven second clips that rise in fall at the whims of the public. One artist navigates his own celebrity, to mixed results.

"Small Gods" (03/19/2013) as Mustang's Monster Corral (since defunct)
Flash Fiction, Fantasy/Horror. A small god on the run from larger ones in their cities finds a bit of peace in a small village, though without the knowledge of the villagers.

"Biology of Circuits" (02/20/2013) at Mustang's Monster Corral (since defunct)
Flash Fiction, Science Fiction. My first paid publication. A man works against time to transform himself into something to survive the end of the world.

And there it is. I'll update as more is published. I hope you enjoy!

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