Saturday, February 11, 2017

Quick Thoughts - Some Things I Do

I feel weird saying that I'm busy, but in some ways it's difficult to avoid. I mean, I feel like this is an excuse I have to give fairly regularly when faced with someone asking if I'd like to do something. Or…maybe it just feels like an excuse because whenever I say it (or write it) I inevitably feel guilty about it. After all, I argue with myself, look at all the time I have. Look at how much I do that I do because I want to and not really because it makes me money or furthers my…career? Ah, sometimes I feel that I'm just so desperate to keep my head above water, to try to find some meaning to my life, that I lose sight of things. That I get lost in the pressure to perform and to justify my existence. And it's hard not to.

But for the sake of argument I will say that I try to stay busy. I am passionate about what I do and believe that it has value. Most of the time, at least. Sometimes I'm convinced that I'm just fooling myself and there's no point and at those times I try to remind myself that hey, I also love what I do here. I love reading. I love reviewing. I love SFF. Things at the moment are…a little stressful. For a number of reasons. But that doesn't mean that I'm slowing down. Today I just want to go over some of the projects that I do and will be doing this year. In part this is just to get it all straight in my head. In part this is to let people know what I'm doing, because maybe it will help people better direct their queries to me and also because it might clear a few things up without my having to say no to anyone. So, a list:

QUICK SIPS – First, here is a list of what I review. It's fairly current and I have no real intention of changing it for 2017 now that I've made some adjustments. This is the bulk of what I do here at QSR and that's not about to change, but to editors/people wondering if I'd be interested in adding magazines/publications to my reviewing roster, I'm sorry, but probably not. If you really, really think it's something I'll want to read, then of course you can send out a query, but as far as regular publications go, I'm pretty full and adding more would mean I'd have more publications than days in the month, which is not a situation I really want.

REGULAR SIPS – Though I'm not really looking for more in the way of regular short fiction publications, if you have some single work that runs on the longer side, it's possible (though still not incredibly likely) that I'll be interested. My Regular Sips are often for things like novellas that are published on their own. I haven't done very many but I am interested in reading more novellas and this is something that's less time-sensitive so I'm a bit more willing to give things a chance when it's just one work and I can fit it into my schedule. I'm still rather picky and still can't fit in a whole lot, but if you have a project that you think would be a good fit, then feel free to query me and we'll go from there.

QUICK SPOTLIGHTS – Similarly, I've just done my first spotlight, and it was rather fun, so it might be nice to do more occasionally. These would be for authors who maybe feel their work flies under the radar but who still publishes enough that I could look at three or four stories. Like with Regular Sips, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to say yes, because these are things that have to work around my Quick Sips, but it's something I want to try out and am interested to see where it leads. I'll probably give some preference to writers whose stories I've read and enjoyed otherwise, but even if I've never read one of your pieces, for now at least feel free to ask.

SMUTTY SUNDAYS – This is actually something I really want to do more but am hampered because there's money concerns. I've put this as the $75 goal on my Patreon and if I can hit that I'll be able to start reviewing erotic speculative fiction from all over. If this is something you want, I encourage you to spread the word and hopefully we can raise support of Quick Sip Reviews to the level that I'll be able to consistently branch out into smutty good times. When/If I do get to this I will probably opt to pick what I want to review and buy it, though, so perhaps hold back on querying. I mean, suggestions are always welcome, but as this isn't a thing quite yet I'm just saying now that I'm not accepting anything to review quite yet.

QUICK QUESTIONS – These are interviews and are also on my Patreon as my $100 goal. Now, I'm doubting I'm going to suddenly shoot up that high any time soon, so this is a bit more of a humble project at the moment, and one that I'm probably not going to be able to do very often yet. So please keep in mind that queries about interviews will probably be met with reluctant refusals. I'm trying to balance out everything that I do but reviews are still my primary focus. Given more time and resources I'd love to do more interviews, but for now it's not something I can say yes to often.

THE YEAR OF GARAK – I'm doing this and I don't care if no one wants it. I've technically rolled it into my $50 goal on my Patreon but that's really just to increase the scope of it so that I can do something every month. It's limited in that it's only 2017, but it's something I very much want to do and I'm trying not to feel guilty about it.

LIVER BEWARE! – These are my drunken Goosebumps reviews and I do these, at the moment, exclusively for my patrons. But as part of my $50 goal I'm going to be migrating some from Patreon to QSR for everyone to enjoy. Not all of them, but enough so that maybe more people will be interested in checking out my Patreon to get access to the rest. These have been very fun and I'm quite glad I get to continue them.

#PATREMONDAY – I've fallen a bit behind on this but this is where I gush about Patreon projects that look awesome. If you're on Patreon and think I might love what you're doing, feel free to let me know about it!

ANTHOLOGIES – Ah, this is probably where I fail the most but it is rather difficult to find the time to review entire anthologies around everything else that I do. For now, I'm rather full up on anthologies and am not looking for more, but there is a part of me that wishes I could. I will start to get some up, but this project is still something I aspire to do more than am capable of doing. So while, again, I won't say people can't ask, I probably won't be able to say yes to any queries concerning anthologies. My apologies.

And that's about everything that I do. Which, yeah, is kind of a bit. Probably more than I can healthily do, considering that I also try and want to write fiction. But there are the projects that I'm currently engaged in. For more, please check out my Patreon or follow me on social media. Most of what I do is provided free to everyone thanks to the amazing support I receive from my Patrons. If you find any of this exciting or valuable, please consider becoming a Patron yourself—Quick Sip Reviews would love to have your support!

All the best,

Charles Payseur


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