Saturday, February 18, 2017

Quick Thoughts - Some Small Changes Coming

Hi all! I've been thinking recently that my level of output for Quick Sip Reviews has been getting…well, slightly more than I can handle. Which is why I'm planning on making a few rather minor changes to the way I do things. But before you think that I'm going to be cutting reviews or anything like that, please remain calm. The changes are slight and designed mainly to streamline what I do and give myself permission not to stress out about certain things.

First and mainly, I will probably be stepping back from having a Quick Thoughts post every week. Now, I love writing things directly and I think that many of my Thoughts posts have been some of my best work here at QSR, but I also know that I struggle some weeks to find topics and things to write about. I'm not getting rid of Quick Thoughts, but I do think that I'm not going to push so hard to have something every single week. For instance, I'm going to be running some of my extra projects like Year of Garak and probably Quick Questions on Saturdays, which will mean that I won't be having so many weeks of having a post up every single day.

Now, if you still want to hear me talk about things every week, I have been doing a weekly post on my patreon where I give little updates and I will continue to do those. Speaking of my patreon, I think I'm going to restructure it a little bit and streamline some of the reward tiers to de-clutter things. I want things to make sense and make sure that anyone awesome enough to support the work I do here at QSR is completely satisfied with being a patron. Which, if you're looking for ways to make sure that QSR can continue for a long time to come, please consider becoming a patron. It means a lot to me and it does help me stay on top of life and get my reviews done.

In the grand scheme of things, not much will be changing. My Patreon has added a bit to my workload and I just want to make sure that I can maintain what I'm doing. I do struggle some with feeling that I have to do a certain amount every week and every month or I'm somehow failing. At being the reviewer that I want to be. At being a resource that people can use to find and think about great stories. Even into my third year now I feel weird about everything and like I'm not exactly "legit." So it's difficult to find that I'm struggling to keep up with everything even when I recognize that I'm writing more than I ever have for QSR. Because the last two months I've done more than fifty thousand words in nonfiction (reviews, thoughts, patreon stuff, etc.) for QSR and that's not a pace I can keep up indefinitely. So I'm going to try and practice just a bit of self care and hope it doesn't negatively effect your experience. Thank you for being awesome and for reading!

All the best,

Charles Payseur


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