Friday, December 16, 2022

Quick Sips 12/16/2022

Snow. It has officially returned here where I live in Wisconsin, and I’m not a huge fan. I don’t exactly hate the snow. I’m well used to it now, really, having lived with it for so long. But it’s also a pain in the ass, and shoveling it is never my idea of a good time. But it’s here, and that’s what’s happened. Sigh. Other than that…well…there’s not a huge amount to tell.

And okay, that’s perhaps not true. I continue to release my smutty SFF at JMS books (I’m up to three stories out) and that’ll continue for the foreseeable. I’m still very much busy doing all the things as the end of the year looms. And I’m doing things with my local non-profit and with my family and etc etc etc. I am still rather tired. But I’m trying and maybe things will improve as long as I just sort of hang in there.

In media, I’ve still been poking at Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s a fun game, and despite dying with some frequency it’s a game I don’t seem entirely awful at. I’m slowly building up my arsenal and remembering where good things are and trying to get myself to a place where random encounters aren’t quite so deadly. It’s a game with a lot to collect, a lot to optimize, and a lot to…cook! Yes, that’s right, I do rather enjoy the cooking element of the game, and am disgruntled that I can’t hold more food items because come on! That said, I’m still moving very slowly, trying to upgrade my armor mainly. I figure with good armor I can stand getting knocked around as much I tend to be (poor Link…).

One aspect of the game that I find interesting is the idea that Link here has lived an entire different life and has no memory of it. It was presumably a happy one that he fought hard to keep but he also lost that fight. What’s left now is something much different, and there’s the feeling that he’s being pulled to fulfil his part in this prophecy despite maybe having changed some. Maybe not, but it’s interesting to me to think that Link’s personality is a bit different now. More laid back, more comical. In the flashbacks so far (I’ve only seen two) he’s so serious, but in the game he’s having a bit more fun. At least I think so. So there’s a sense to me that getting his memories back is firstly kind of a shame and secondly will mean he has to face what he wants in the face of what he might have wanted and who he wants to be. I doubt the game will get into that but then there’s always fanfic.

Otherwise, we’re mostly floundering on what to watch. We went through what’s available of Star Trek: Prodigy and it is a really good show. I hope there are many more seasons. Can’t wait to see what’s coming with the season finale. We’ve also been watching a bit of a show that Matt saw in college called Mr. Meaty which is a nightmare hellscape of puppets but also rather funny (one of those for kids but not exactly for kids shows that work well). Sadly, I think I saw a tweet about a mystery show that sounded good but I didn’t like it and so it’s gone forever now. I want a meaty mystery to sink into but most things we haven’t seen are either one season and then it was cancelled or a million seasons but it’s the most boring thing imaginable. Sigh. Oh well.

Anyway, that’s me for now. I hope things are going well with you all! Cheers!


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