Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quick Thoughts - A List of Thing I Can't Do (Right Now) Because Time

Smut reviews – of all the things, this is at the top of my list, both because I love writing and reading smut and because it's the least likely of being attainable. But wait, what? Least likely? Yes, not because it doesn't deserve doing, and not that I don't have thoughts on it, but because this would be a huge commitment. Like reviewing short SFF, I'd want to really dive into it, and that's…well, I'm stretched a bit thin as it is. Also I guess there are quite a few nice review-blogs and organizations out there for smut. Now, I'd focus on SFF smut because that's what I like, and there are much less of those, but still, if it's a choice between short SFF and SFF smut, I will stick with what I've been doing. If ever I was paid and could do whatever I wanted, I'd definitely read and review more smut. For now I'll settle for doing my Not For the Faint of Heart on Goodreads and the occasional smut review elsewhere.

Short SFF Review Organization – again, this is both something I would love to help make a reality and something that, likely, would take way too much time for me to set up. Even if it meant setting up a database and having some sort of cross-promotion available and resources for people wanting to get into reviewing, I think it would be really neat to do. But again, this would be a rather large commitment because list wrangling and reaching out to people and trying to make something useful and not just a lot of noise and air would be rather difficult. I would certainly support someone or someones else doing this or trying to do this but as it stands now I just don't have an awful lot to give toward it.

Short SFF Interviews – I've been playing around with this idea for a while and I still rather want to do this. Time once more is a factor, though less of one. More at play is my terror at having to ask people questions because I'm an introvert and have no idea what to ask writers and other SFF people. It would totally be called Quick Questions, though, and would be able to appear either on Fridays when I don't have review content or Sundays, which is often an off day for me. Probably these would be fairly short, just five questions or so about various short SFF things plus maybe some random. Once I get over my fear and figure out exactly how I want it to work I will hopefully start reaching out to people.

Drunk Goosebumps Reviews – I am doing this. Nerds of a Feather just announced that they'll be running tiny reviews some days and I want to do a monthly (or so) series of drunk reviews of the original Goosebumps books. I will call it Liver Beware! and it will be glorious! Goosebumps was my jam growing up and really was responsible for me reading and reading SFF "horror." I've gone a few times back to the Goosebumps pool (and I've tracked down each of the original 62 books from thrift stores) and it just makes me want to do this more. This is happening, but as Stine is a straight white guy it's not happening until at least next year. But look forward to that.

Collaborations – I love the idea of collaborating more with people for SFF/review things. There are so many great people out there doing short SFF things and oftentimes I feel a bit cut off just sort of doing QSR (introversion rearing its head again). Part of that is perhaps my overly-ambitious review load here, but that might just be an excuse. Collaborating is fun and, I believe, prompts better thoughts on stories. I wish I had more time to figure out how to work out some different collaborations, but for now this remains something I hope to do more if in the future.

And yeah, that's sort of that as far as projects that I wish I had some more time for. As is, I'm quite pleased that I've managed to keep up with QSR. It might be a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun. Some of these I'm definitely going to get to, though. So some things to look forward to. Thanks for reading.

All the best,

Charles Payseur

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