Saturday, September 19, 2015

Quick Thoughts - My Erotic Debut!

Apparently I like saying "erotic debut." It sounds so…well, sexy. As well it should, I suppose, given that the story in question is, hopefully, rather sexy. The story is "The Assistant's Contraption" and is out now from Torquere Press and, as it's out, my thoughts this week are about it. It's…well, if I had to pick a genre for it I would say it's part mad science, part steampunk. There's some magic referenced, a mixture of all these different schools of diabolical action. And, really, it's a piece of erotica, or erotic romance. Because I am a bit of a sap at heart, and there might be some heartfelt confessions going on in this story. Also, sex. So be warned (if the rest of this paragraph hadn't been enough of a warning).

This was a rather strange call to decide to write for, because I don't really do a lot of dom/sub stories. In my mind most people have their dominant and submissive moments, and the connotations of the call made it sound like it might have been getting into some BDSM territory of which I am woefully ignorant. But I did like the idea of power. Power in relationships is very important, and can be incredibly problematic. Especially in M/M stories, because there is often this "turned gay" subtext (or in some cases in the explicit text) that sets up this dominant and submissive releationship that can be easily portrayed as very abusive. And I didn't really want that. I wanted to examine a bit of power, in this case with a rather arrogant inventor and his assistant.

And that was basically enough for things to click for me. I was thinking, what if Igor turned the tables on Dr. Frankenstein? Maybe without the humpback bit. That was the part that hooked me into the story and got me going forward, that here is this assistant who wants to be viewed as an equal, as a partner, and in so doing has to demonstrate that he's fully capable of engaging his lover not just sexually but intellectually. Friday proves not only that he is willing to top Rascan, but that he's just as capable an inventor and that he knows Rascan enough to expertly ensnare him. It's a rather drastic shift in their relationship, but Rascan in many ways is relieved to find that Friday can match him. A bit frightened, but definitely interested and into it.

I even wrote a little add on, though I have no idea currently where that is at the moment [EDIT: It is on the Torquere Blog Here]. Perhaps it's included with purchase of the story. Hmm…Anyway, it was definitely fun to visit with these characters. I feel, like with a lot of what I write, that I could do an entire novel set in this setting, using Friday and Rascan. They're fun and I like the dynamic. I find Rascan adorable and Friday hot and all of it just a lot of fun. Which is good, because I've been having some trouble writing recently and diverting myself with these fun and sexy stories has been a great relief. And hey, my first ebook! It's a weird experience.

Also weird: this is my first publication since "Rubbing is Racing" came out back at the beginning of June. I will say that the months between these have been…full of doubt and fear. But this is only the beginning. I have another story out in next month's Torquere Antho, Haunted Hotties. And it is…well, it's an interesting one. So thanks for reading! Below are some links to the story and to the Anthology:

Solo ebook: "The Assistant's Contraption" by Charles Payseur - from Torquere Press
Sample from the "The Assistant's Contraption"
Release Party Extra for "The Assistant's Contraption": The Friday Box
Goodreads Link 

Anthology ebook: Exchange of Power - from Torquere Press

All the best,

Charles Payseur

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