Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick Thoughts - WisCon Part 2

Okay so now it's Sunday. Right? I mean, time is really weird on weekends that have conventions, and even more so with the extra time off I took. But it should be Sunday now and Saturday was pretty awesome. I am convinced that the only thing keeping us from being bale to get an entire year's worth of books for the Bradford challenge here is that we don't have the money to spend all at once. As it is we are getting SO many good books. Just picked up Mothership yesterday and a new comic by the author of Dayblack. Also a past WisCon GoH book by Nisi Shawl. That said, the day was a little light for buying books as we did not visit any book stores, just finished up the places we wanted to go to at the vendor rooms.

And panels. Me and partner both went to Sex Positive SFF in the morning (we got out a bit late and missed the first timeslot...the perils of staying with friends not really close to the Con). That was quite interesting though. I some ways it would tie in a bit with the Future of Gender panel in some of the ideas that it would play with, especially trying to imagine how effective change would actually look like and thinking about how to get around all the problematic elements of sexy fun in books and such has to also walk with recognizing that sex positivity does not necessarily mean sexy to many people. After that it was out to the Farmer's Market for lunch and then back to it with three panels back to back. Or three things. The first I went to was the Alaya Dawn Johnson GoH reading which was amazing. Gay "zombie" romance story that was all the yes.

After that it was the Mixtape, which was also amazing and I got a whole list of artists to check out now. I'm weird with music, but I really like writing with music and sometimes directly inspired by music. So that was a really neat panel and I got to hear a lot of music that I never really was exposed to before. Very good times. And then was the Future of Gender in SFF panel which was interesting and was mostly dealing with genderqueer and trans visions of what a better future might look like. And then it was out to dinner (Japanese) to talk about everything (after a stroll through the vendor room and art show). And then drinking (but not too much) and sleeping (but woken up again by whiniest cat in the universe). Still, all told a really great experience. And now coffee and back to the Con!

All the best,

Charles Payseur

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