Friday, November 4, 2022

Quick Sips 11/04/2022

Wow I’m behind on a lot of things. Hmm. I mean, I guess it’s about time to check back in with how the year is going, and what’s working, and what’s not. After all, I’ve made some big changes over the last year, effectively stepping back from Quick Sip Reviews and stepping into my role as a columnist at Locus. I’ve also been settling in as series editor of We’re Here, and that’s been something as well. But…well, we’ll get there.

On the reviewing front, it’s a little hard to say if what I’m doing now is less work or more work. Certainly at the end of the day it’s less writing, and I’m putting out less reviews than before, though I do still tend to write quick notes on everything I read, so there’s more…waste? Which is a weird way to think of it, because it’s not wasted, but it’s never seeing the light of day, so that’s different. What happens now is that I’ll read and take my notes, and then when it’s closer to deadline I’ll go back, decide which of the works to mention, and then use my notes to write more coherent (I hope) reviews for the final column. This also is what I’ll go through when I’m looking for recommendations or for stories for my queer short SFF lists, as that’s where I make those marks.

Because the process is a bit more involved and includes going back over things multiple times, it does mean that I’m reading less, which is rather blah. But then, I was reading a rather unsustainable amount of works before, so something had to give there.

Outside of reviewing, though, I feel in some ways that I have more time and in some ways that I have less time. I’ve been writing less creatively, and I still want to change that, want to get to the point where I have a better balance. Honestly, part of that is just wanting to be out of panic mode in my private life, between projects at home and other catastrophes. Not that I have a super lot to complain about, but it seems like we were running things down and it’s a relatively good thing that we made changes when we did so that we could have a bit more financial freedom. The problem is that with that everything we’d been putting off because we couldn’t afford to deal with it is coming due in terms of stuff breaking down and etc, which sucks and is stressful but there it is.

I have managed to do a bit of gaming, and do manage to watch things with some regularity. Even there, though, I wish I could be a bit more consistent, and “free time” is something of a laugh, though that’s mostly because of the choices I’ve made to get involved in the local queer non-profit, which has been an adventure in weeping. But maybe that will sort itself out a bit more and things can just settle down (insert manic laughter). It would be nice.

And of course there’s more I’d like to do here on this Patreon, like stay on top of my recommendations and maybe bring back personalized recs and things like that. I have plans. Such plans! Unfortunately it’s all been pushed back as I struggle through life in general, which is frustrating, and I apologize for being late on things. Just…sorry.

In media, not much has changed from last week because I’ve had to shift away from relaxation mode and back into serious business mode, reading for review and doing some other work. So other than getting to rewatch some DS9 and Marple, there’s nothing new to report. We’ll see if I can manage more soon. Anyway, I hope all is well with you all! Cheers!


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