Saturday, November 21, 2020

2021: The Plan So Far

So, I’m starting to claw my way toward the new year, and I just want to sort of update people on what’s going on with the blog starting next year. For those who haven’t heard, I will be stepping back from doing reviews of whole issues, but I will definitely still be doing short SFF coverage. Check out The Plan below...


Daily: No more daily posts, alas! This has been my constant companion for over 6 years and I am officially taking a break, perhaps a permanent one, from this aspect of reviewing. I have done it, could continue to do it, but will not be as I move toward other projects and processes.

Weekly: My “This Week’s Reviews” (free) Patreon posts will be moving to a weekly post of me commenting on what I’ve been reading, and I’ll be cross-posting these on Patreon and Quick Sip Reviews. Might continue brief story notes, might not. I am giving myself permission to DNF stories and I expect I will be taking advantage of that. Notes will likely not be long as I move to try and figure out how to cover the way I want to moving forward. I will also be continuing my (Patron Exclusive) Patreon “Sip of the Week” posts where I recommend and give a bit more in depth look at two stories I’ve read recently.

Monthly: I will be reviving X Marks the Story at The Book Smugglers, and hope to have this going where I more in depth recommend and cover 5 or so mostly recent stories a month that I really liked. I’ll also being doing my Some Queer Short SFF (free) Patreon posts. I’ll also be continuing my (Patreon Exclusive) Patreon drunk Goosebumps reviews through at least the end of 2021 (when I’ll hit the end of the original series). I'll probably also get back to doing semi-regular, possibly month fiction releases through Patreon, and might put some of those as pay-to-read stories on Curious Fictions as well.

Irregular: Whatever the fuck I want! Probably coverage of collections/anthologies (Quick Collections) and interviews (Quick Questions) and occasional Quick Thoughts as well. On top of that, I plan to look at other media, including novels and manga and comics and who knows what else! I haven’t been making too many plans because I am still very much busy with what I’m doing but I do look forward to be able to try out some new things. It’ll be wild! Just you wait!!!!

Anyway, that’s about it. I’ll also be hopefully doing the Sippy Awards in February but given projects it might get pushed back a month or two. Apologies in advance, but I will definitely still be doing the Sippys. For those looking for ways to continue to support my reviewing and fiction writing, the best way is still going to be through my Patreon, and I heartily appreciate every patron I have. And that’s all for now. If I decide to change plans again, I’ll let you know! Cheers!


  1. Exciting changes! Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  2. Super excited about this new direction for you. Wishing you relief and fiction typing fingers!