Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quick Thoughts - Out and Away

Hi everyone! Just a little bit different plan today as I am not in my home state and don't have a lot of time. And no big new news or anything like that, so life's just been doing reviews like a small SFF tornado so that most of the trip could be obligation-free. Mission mostly successful for that. Anyway, as I'm away in Florida trying not to burn my pale, Wisconsin skin, I thought today could just be about getting away.

I'm a weird kind of vacationer. This trip to Florida is mostly about family, which is nice in ways. But I'm an introvert and it's difficult to interact with people and that goes almost double for family members. Not that it's bad, but that's stressful. I'm very glad that there's been some time to just wander around and geocache and watch the sunrise. Not that there hasn't been "work" related stuff to do, as there are ever and always edits and proofs and that sort of thing when writing, but so far the warmer weather (it snowed on the 1st, 2nd, and 5th of April in Wisconsin where I live) and the sun and the not having to do so much has been nice.

Really, the only thing I'd want to add is a few stories accepted to make this all the sweeter :p

But partner and I have been out to some old sugar mill ruins and seem Dummit's tomb and seen a sunrise over the Atlantic. We're being proper tourists and stopped at a used books store (and now have to ship books back to WI). And okay, said bookstore was doing a 10 hardcovers for $5. No special pricing. We got a signed 1st edition Andre Norton and 1st editions of an L. Sprague de Camp, a Stephen R. Donaldson collection, and The Cat Who Saw Stars. Also I got a hardcover copy of The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay of the printing that I have books 1 and 3 of that trilogy so my bookshelf will look a bit nicer. Plus 2 new Tiptree books! Ahem, yes though, vacations are all about books, right?

And I finished up Court of Fives by Kate Elliott, which was an interesting read. Still hoping to get to the Beyond Anthology and Show Yourself to Me (which might just be featured on a new Smutty Sundays edition of Regular Sips that I want to start doing at some point. Not all Sundays, but some occasional smut reviews). And maybe I'll even get some writing done at some point. Or at least get some ideas for when we get home. We shall see. Anyway, sorry for the vague sort of fluffy thoughts this week. But I'm on vacation, so deal. Thanks for reading!

All the best,

Charles Payseur

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