Saturday, April 25, 2015

Quick Thoughts - New Project: The Postcard Chronicles

Okay, so some people might have noticed that I have a new project that I just started with fellow Wisconsin writer Jes Rausch. It's called the Postcard Chronicles and it's quite a lot of fun. Of course, at the same time that it ridiculously fun, part of me is wondering if I am insane for starting up a new project.

Time. Sometimes it really sucks. And I feel like I'm never doing enough. Not writing enough, not reading enough, not reviewing enough. Not that I'm sure what enough would look like, but it's my fear that I should always be doing more, that if I'm not then I'm just sort of sitting back on my privilege and being a rather shitty person. So I like to be doing a lot. I love reviewing and I love reading and I love writing. But sometimes I think I spread myself a little thin and think that I wonder where it would be best to spend myself. And sometimes I just want to write a little, and this project does just that, gives me a way of getting out small bursts of writing during the week.

Which maybe I should talk about. So I've perhaps not been writing as much recently as I would like. I've been busy, it happens. But it does weigh and wear on me, and so I've been trying to find ways to sneak in little writing projects. The Postcard Chronicles is one. I can't take credit for the idea. Jes had approached me with the idea to exchange postcard micro-fiction. It sounded amazing. So we exchanged a few postcard-stories as tests and it was great. The main problem was that we didn't really know what postcards to send. So we decided to choose a set we could buy online and go from there. The TASCHEN's Magic set seemed perfect. They're old and rather creepy and seem absolutely ripe for micro-fiction.

The first round of stories is up now, and they make me super excited for to continue on with this project. Like, seriously excited. It's fun to see how my stories and Jes' differ and how we both interpret the story at hand. Maybe some of these will prompt some longer pieces. Or maybe it's just a fun little exercise in writing. Even if that's what it is, I think it's well worth doing and I hope that it's entertaining for anyone wanting to follow along. And at some point maybe we'll see if anyone else feels like participating, to see if we can get some bonus stories for the Chronicles. For now, I hope people find what we're doing a pleasant diversion.

So go check out the Postcard Chronicles if you haven't and thanks for reading! 

All the best,

Charles Payseur

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