Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quick Thoughts - Week Two!

So closes my second week of Quick Sips. I keep telling myself that I can have a day off, that I don't need to post every day, but there is so much to read. SO MUCH! And I want to read it all, and I want to tell people about how good the good things are. But there will probably come a day this month where I will not have a new post and I apologize in advance for that.

Oh, and for anyone who missed it, Queers Destroy Science Fiction is now live on Kickstarter. Go support the hell out of that, because it will be amazing. And important. Or, perhaps, Important. So go do that. I'll wait...Okay then.

Oh, and I've decided to do something on Sundays as well, because having things on the other six days of the week isn't enough! Really it's only going to be collecting links to other reviews I do of mostly-not-short-fiction. Which means mostly links to GoodReads, because I'm on there all the time. Really. It's kind of sad. So that's happening.

Some fun things are on the horizon. Next week I'm looking at the January Lightspeed as well as the January stuff from Shimmer and the January Words Without Borders (kind of like doctors, but wait, no, nothing like that at all). Words Without Borders is rather cool, though, a site dedicated to translations into English. With some great stories! So yeah, look forward to that.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading!


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