Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quick Thoughts - A New Tradition

So welcome to the close of my first week of reviews here at Quick Sips. All I can really say is, "Wow, that escalated quickly." Weird how I kind of thought these would be much shorter than they turned out. And I had no idea how quickly this would dominate my week. Given, it was the first week of the month and that means busy busy busy. Everything releases and it's normally just crazy. But I'm hopeful that I'll be able to keep going with this.

I'll be (mostly) taking the weekends off, because I want to and because I need to read novels and things like that too, so yeah. But I figure I might chime in with little posts about things sometimes. Like this one, saying hi and thanks for reading this and following my ramblings about stories. 

This is a work-in-progress. It's an experiment. It comes from a love of reading but also a strange sort of guilt, because I can do something like this and so I feel I should. It has it's own rewards and I hope people like it because I believe that all of these stories should be read and reviewed and talked about. We should all of us talk about stories all the time. Really. And I felt sort of guilty reviewing only the "best of" each month. It leaves out so much. So here's me trying to leave out less. Not that I can't leave out something. If I tried to read all pro- and semi-pro- publications I would have no time. And I also write and also read other things. But I will do what I can.

And this is getting long. Hi, mainly. I'll hopefully be here for a while. If you have thoughts, please let me know, either here or through Twitter or something. I'm rather obnoxious there, and Tweet as @ClowderofTwo. Thank you again and happy reading!

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