Sunday, January 25, 2015

Quick Links 01/25/2015

This week was a bit slower for getting non-story reviews done. Nothing was due from the places I contribute to, so I decided to catch myself up on some personal reviews. These three books are quite different. One collection of stories, one collection of poetry, and one novel. But they are all very good. So feel free to follow some links and check out my reviews.

Being Full of Light, Insubstantial by Linda D. Addison (Goodreads, my score 4/5) - Very good collection of (mostly) spec poetry. I won four (signed!) volumes of her work by donating to Strange Horizons during their drive. This was the first I read. It's great!

Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire (Goodreads, my score 4/5) - Another very good one. I liked Wicked and I think this is a step up, and especially like the Bi protagonist. Had some confusion about the ending, but a very good book.

Tales of the Raksura, Volume 1 by Martha Wells (Goodreads, my score 4/5) - so many 4/5s for this link-fest. But this was a good collection. Probably I would have liked it even more if I had read the novels first. Bad me, but I won this through the First Reads program so got it for free in return for the review. Still, as a newbie I liked it plenty!

And there you have it! Another week, another handful of reviews. Looking forward to reading some  more this next week, but with the way life has been going lately I will keep my ambitions small. In any event, thanks for tuning in!

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