Friday, August 19, 2022

Quick Sips 08/19/2022

So there’s not a whole lot to report right now in the land of me. I am busily working to turning in my next Locus column, and have read a whole lot to get that done (another 90+ month). That has put me behind on some other things, like recommendations, but I hope to catch up on those soon too. Until then, I’m just trying to try.

Most of my attention otherwise has been taken up by my non-profit work. I’ve talked about it some here before, but I volunteer with a queer center in the city I live in and we’re going through a rather long process of structuring/restructuring, which is full of possibility and frustration. I’m finding that I’m enjoying the process of trying to figure out what kind of work I want to be engaged in doing along those axes, and how the structure of the organization can be used to make that work easier and more effective. It’s kinda nerdy and wonky but mostly enjoyable, or would be if it were solely an intellectual process. Alas, it is also a very practical process, and in reality it’s full of conflict and resistance and a general lack of engagement.

I will admit, I’m just not a huge fan of Pride the celebration. Not because it’s not important or vital or anything like that. I just really don’t like parties, even queer ones. Too much noise, too much people, too much all of it. So I get a little frustrated that the biggest accomplishments of the organization have been to put on this one event every year. It’s a nice event and I’m always happy to help with it, but I do wish (desperately) that there was a bit more enthusiasm for the rest of the year and making sure there was support and assistance and things to do for queer people in the area…the rest of the time. But sigh, this is my own pettiness leaking out into the world.

I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to make some sort of difference, and that we can build a bit more of a robust organization. I want to avoid the drama. Wish me luck.

In media, I’ve still been poking away at Generation X and enjoying for the most part. It was stuff I had been forced to skip before so getting the chance to read it is nice, and see some of the personalities of the characters emerge. Banshee is a strange person in this story, though, in part because of how he’s positioned relative to Emma Frost, who does come off as a bit more complicated and damaged, given that this is part of her rehabilitation after losing the Hellions. Everyone is pretty fucked up, and it’s only sad that it gives this much more diverse group of characters a rather doomed feel. Though some of them at least made a nice transition to the “adult” team. Except now I remember the whole Warren/Husk thing and I’m cringing again. Hmm.

And I’ve been watching Poirot, which is a show that just puts me to sleep, but as I’ve been watching it to fall asleep, it’s been doing an admirable job. Suchet does a fantastic job in portraying a detective that is thorough and methodical and a bit full of himself. Moreso than Holmes, who cared nothing for credit or even his reputation. I’ve also been watching the Jeremy Brett Holmes and apparently didn’t realize that part of why I love it so much is that Brett brought his big queer energy to it. Really it is a very queer portrayal, and Brett seemed to be loving every moment of it. Such a fun series.

That’s about it for now, though. Cheers!


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