Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Quick Sips 06/17/2022

So apologies that I missed last week. Truly I am a mess right now, and having had Pride last weekend and three different Pride-related events that I ran the week before that meant that doing much of anything…wasn’t happening. The good news there is that things did go fairly well! There was some weather that threatened to make our Pride celebration something of a wash-out, but it lifted into a beautiful day and in the end it was great! But the bad news is that I’m behind on EVERYTHING. And unfortunately I’ve not had a great time getting my Patreon to work on certain things and limited time and ability to really dig into fixing it. So the behind-ness continues. I will dig myself out! I swear it!

Meanwhile…uh, it’ll probably be a fairly boring update lately, because of what I’ve previously mentioned. While not wrangling some really good panel discussions last week (and getting to moderate two of them), I was also running my local queer non-profit’s social media during our biggest week and weekend, and also helping to set up and tear down in the park. And when not doing that, I was also hand-binding 140 zines that my husband edited and that I designed, our second year working on this project that features local queer artists, poets, and fiction writers. Which I guess is a bit of news, as you can check out the project and get the downloadable pdf here.

I’m deep in other projects for the non-profit as well, including trying to codify some communication practices that I hope will make things easier for us as an organization (and for me personally, as I’ve taken on a lot of the Center’s communication roles) following the departure of our immediate past president (a role that hasn’t been filled yet). The good news is that I do enjoy getting the procedures and handbooks in place so that we can rely on a less central communication structure. The bad news is that it relies on the consistent use by members and it feels like it might be a hard sell, as it does require some extra records keeping so that everyone is on the same page. Sigh.

Anyway, some upcoming things are…the Locus Awards. As part of which I am still in the running as editor for the Best Anthology category for We’re Here 2020 (with the amazing C.L. Clark). I will also be on a panel discussion it seems, with some absolutely amazing writers and editors, so do look forward to that, though I’m not sure I can reveal the details there. I have otherwise I think completely lost when other things are happening. So there will be more news as I remember it. Haha.

In media…uh? I am bummed that DS9 is leaving Netflix, and I’ll have to see if it remains on Hulu or Prime. If not, then Hulu is likely on the chopping block so that I can keep access to the old Star Treks, which is really a big draw because we watch and rewatch them all the time. Maybe time to get whatever one has all the new stuff. We’ll see. But really there hasn’t been much time for watching things or playing things. I’m poking at Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising now that I have it on the Switch (I already beat it on Steam but a weird glitch means I can’t get all the stamps so I’m a bit peeved). And I did finish watching the first two seasons of The Witcher which was mostly okay though also a little ehhh at times. I’d watch more. I guess season three of Umbrella Academy will be out soon, and I’ll be interested to see how that goes. And my X-Comics reread is still in Excalibur, but now working through the Onslaught months and moving on toward the end of the Ellis run and the end of the first series.

That’s about it though. Hoping for things to settle down a bit. Cheers!


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