Friday, April 22, 2022

Quick Sips 04/22/2022

Well the good news keeps on coming this awards season—it went public on Monday that I am an Ignyte Award finalist! This is technically my third time being up for an Ignyte, which are probably my favorite awards around at the moment, organized as they are by the incredible Fiyah Literary Magazine. Though it’s the third time, it’s also a first for me—the first time that I’m up for an award as a fiction editor. Because rather than the Critic Award, I’m a finalist as part of the editorial team (with the fantastic C. L. Clark) of We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2020 in the Best Anthology/Collection category. This is a huge honor, and I am humbled to be in some very very great company. Not only to be up with C. L., who is amazing (and also up in the novel category for The Unbroken), but amongst some wonderful other short SFF projects.

Anyway, this is wonderful. I am fiercely proud of We’re Here and my part in it, and am eternally grateful to C. L., dave ring at Neon Hemlock, and all the authors who made the book such a wonderful statement of queer speculative art. And it’s a reminder to me that oh right I’m also an editor, which is something my brain hasn’t quite fully processed. But I am! And an award-finalist editor no less!

I’m not sure what’s going on with FiyahCon this year. I thought I heard last year that it’s taking the year off, which I mean, given the heroic efforts from the virtual con the last two years, they’ve more than earned it. It means no programming around the announcement of the awards, but given that it looks like I’ll be on programming at WisCon and WorldCon, that’s probably just fine by me. I’m not used to going to many conventions a year, and while this might make me seem something of an interloper to certain SFF fans, for me it’s just the realities of being a geographically isolated, financially strapped introvert. So it goes.

In other news, Matt and I caught up through series 9 of Father Brown and promptly switched over to watching the new spinoff, The Sister Boniface Mysteries. In all ways we are enjoying Sister B more than Father B, as this show includes the (inaccurate or not) “cutting edge science” of the day. It’s a bit more CSI than Father Brown, and that’s not a bad thing. Plus Sister B is delightful and enthusiastic in a way that Father Brown didn’t often get. Plus NO FLAMBEAU!!! A win all the way around.

Outside of that, I continue to read the X-Men comics. I’m currently between 1995/1996 and have been ticking off more of the satellite series. Wolverine during this time was a Hot Mess but also rather interesting, and having Adam Kubert on art means it at least looks pretty. The lead to the centennial issue, though, is all sorts of weird and the issue itself is glorious in its excess. Wolverine killing the Dark Riders and Genesis on his own is a great way of showing just how effective he can be, especially with his healing factor in overdrive and his bestial nature taking over. It at least shows that even in Beast Mode he’s not stupid about hunting, and it’s a bit chilling to watch. Shifting over to X-Force has been interesting as well, not least because the team dynamics there are all shook up. Theresa is the new deputy after Sam left to “graduate” to the X-Men. Warpath is dealing with some changes to his powers, Shatterstar’s true nature is being challenged, Boomer does emo, and Caliban is just trying his best. Cable meanwhile is also trying, though with mixed results.

Unfortunately, X-Factor skips most of the issues between Age of Apocalypse and Onslaught on Marvel Unlimited, so I don’t have much to report there. I’ll see what’s available from Cable during that period and then probably finish with Excalibur, though there are some miniseries I need to track down. I did read the Deadpool one, and it’s a nice way of showing some of the complexities of the character while keeping things rather madcap. It also ties in nicely with X-Force and the questions about what happens to Wade after he fails to save Theresa from the psychiatric hospital she was investigating and has no memories about afterward.

That’s about it, though! I’m tempted to start a new playthrough of Suikoden V, mostly because I have some fic I never finished from that, but who knows. I should get back to finish my Blue Lions playthrough of FE:3H. Sigh. So much want so little time. Cheers!


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