Friday, March 11, 2022

Quick Sips 03/11/2022

Hi all. Happy week! Both too little and too much to report in my world, but I will make the effort. I’m moving through my reading for my next Locus column. I had some space and had received a review copy a while ago so I decided to add Reckoning #6 to the pile and have no regrets on that front. I’m actually mostly waiting for some review copies to slip free from April to finish up my reading for review. I do have a few ARCs to get through, though, either for review or blurbing. I am behind on a lot, though, and one of my goals for the next month is to organize my email and discover just what has slipped through the cracks over the last year. Sure to be a humbling situation.

In genre news, I’m a bit saddened by the announcement that Fireside Magazine will be closing. As part of that, though, they do have a sale going on now for their very attractive quarterly print issues. I was lucky enough to be in two different quarterlies, and I got review copies I think of all of them and let me say, from a print perspective, they are lovely lovely things. Gorgeous and paired with great art and innovative design. Worth checking out if you’re interested in them.

(For the sake of my own sanity I am taking out the very long rant here about the pressures on individual readers to fix the financial injustices of publishing but just so you all know it was salty)

And if you’re looking for more great SFF, there’s also a bundle out from Lethe Press celebrating their 21st anniversary and it just might contain an ebook of my collection, The Burning Day and Other Strange Stories. It also contains, though, From the Files of the Time Rangers by Richard Bowes, and oh, if you haven’t read that yet I do highly recommend it. It’s a mosaic work, crossing time and love and lust and it’s wonderful. So honored to be sharing space with it.

In media, I haven’t really had much time to play things recently. So even my Pokemon Snap! and Animal Crossing have been on hold. I did get to watch a little bit of a Castle marathon while I was staying in a hotel with my husband as we traveled for medical reasons, and it reminds me that I rather liked the show, though I was incredibly let down by the very ending of when Castle and Beckett go all nuclear family but that’s a rant for another day as well. The way it portrays publishing, though, is wild and hilarious. Father Brown continues to…be. It manages some decent episodes when it’s not focused on a certain ridiculous French art thief (which is rare enough).

Reading, I am still in the 1990s of my X-Men read (spread from 1993 to 1995 I believe). With Bloodties behind me I’m moving through X-Men, where the whole Kwannon/Betsy thing is being mostly put to bed (which is all right but then most things with Betsy are kinda confusing). I’m also reading the Gambit miniseries and that is…a lot of Gambit. I feel like Gambit is a very 90s character, and part of that is that his backstory is very Mysterious. The whole thief/assassin thing with the Tithe and…yeah, it’s a lot. I mean, I appreciate that he’s horny all the time, but given that they made him very straight I just mostly roll my eyes at him. Now, a very bisexual Gambit…that I could see and would be way more into. Just saying…

That’s about it for me, though. Stay wonderful, people! Cheers!


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