Friday, December 11, 2020

2020 Awards Eligibility Post - Charles Payseur and Quick Sip Reviews

2020 has been something of A Year. For me personally, it’s had a lot of ups with the downs, and through it all I’ve been pushing to complete the sixth year of continuous short fiction coverage here at Quick Sip Reviews while also running content on my Patreon and abroad. And so as the year comes to a close, I find I have done a lot I am incredibly proud of, and that I want to share through this Awards Eligibility Post.

First and most, I am eligible for...

The Hugo Awards: Fan Writer - Charles Payseur
The Hugo Awards: Fanzine - Quick Sip Reviews, ed. Charles Payseur
umm...anything else that awards reviewing/fan work/blogging?

My contributions to the field are most evident right here, on Quick Sip Reviews, where for the sixth year in a row I have provided comprehensive reviews of original fiction and poetry of a great many genre publications. For ease of use, I have set up a page that has collected links to all of my posts put out this year, which lists all of the different publications I’ve covered. All told, I’ll have written more than 900 individual reviews on Quick Sip Reviews, and a whole lot more if you include the 100+ reviews I’ve done as part of my Sip of the Week coverage, on Goodreads, and elsewhere. I’ll have also run a number of other features, from interviews to personal essays to drunk explorations of nostalgia

2020 has been a year to leave everything on the field, and I’m still sprinting toward the finish line. I have some big posts yet to come, including my year-in-review and recommended reading list. And while there are some big changes coming that might decrease my overall reviewing/fan writing in 2021, 2020 has probably been my most prolific. I would be honored and grateful for whatever attention you have to spare with regards to awards this year. Thank you.

- Charles Payseur

[fwiw and for transparency sake. While first and most a fan, I have been paid for the Strange Horizons roundtable I participated in that is linked on the comprehensive link post, and I do run a Patreon, where some of the content is for paying patrons only. Further, the Medium articles (the Suikoden ones) were part of whatever system they use that can be monetized and I have made very small amounts of money on that. Cheers] 

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