Wednesday, August 15, 2018

X Marks the Story - August 2018

My monthly short SFF review column, X Marks the Story, is up now at The Book Smugglers, and features a host of ghostly stories to check out. For those wanting to find out all my thoughts on the spectral and haunting stories, definitely go check it out. For those just wanting the list, it's below. Cheers!

X Marks the Story - August 2018

“Dead Air”, Nino Cipri (published in Nightmare #71, August 2018 )

“The Percivals: The Bennett Benefit”, Eboni J. Dunbar (published in Fiyah #7, July 2018)

“Hide Me in the Shadow of Your Wings”, Christopher Caldwell (published at Strange Horizons, July 2018)

“The Last Epic Pub Crawl of The Brothers Pennyfeather”, L Chan (published in The Dark #39, August 2018)

Chrysalis in Sunlight”, Sarena Ulibarri (published at GigaNotoSaurus, August 2018)

“In Summer Broken”, Steve Berman (published at Chelsea Station, July 2018)


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