Saturday, February 14, 2015

Quick Thoughts - Excitement!

Because it will probably never cease to amaze me whenever I get a story accepted at a place, I am super excited to say that my story, "The Thousand Year Tart," is now out at Fantasy Scroll Magazine. This is quite cool (for me, though you all now can read it and enjoy the secrets of tart-making!) and even more exciting because it will be out in podcast form at some point. 

And I think I will make it a tradition (because this is my blog and Saturdays are me-days) to talk about any story that I might get out. Because I find it cool to know what the hell authors were thinking about certain stories they wrote and because this will probably be the last time anyone is paying attention to this story.

So, "The Thousand Year Tart." I wish I had some awesome story about how this story came about, but I think it was because there was a call (at Penumbra or Crossed Genres, and I now forget which) for stories with a food theme. Now I love writing about food. I rather love cooking, so hurrah for that. I think every author probably puts their own little things into their stories. We write what we know best. So for me, cooking makes it into a lot of my stories. Also, winter. Also, drinking. Thank  you, Wisconsin.

So this story sort of fell out of my love of cooking and my thoughts on what acting might look like in the future. I had just read a book (that I got for free from Goodreads, I want to for some reason hasten to point out) about the Broadway trainwreck that was Spiderman Turn Off the Dark. So I had acting in my head. Acting and big personalities and the kinds of people who are involved in that whole side of thing. So food, a play, and robots walked into a bar, and this story popped out.

Not the most interesting of origin stories, I know. I wish this story had been bitten by a radioactive tart and I had to battle it to come out the way it did, but that's really it. But yes, I do write about food as I am able. It's something I personally to do relax. So in some distant and impossible future when I'm selling collections of my stories, there will be one I will call "In the Kitchen with Vordok: Stories and Recipes." 

Until then, maybe go give the current issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine a read. It's not just me who got in, so even if you think I'm no good you'll probably enjoy the issue as a whole. And keep your eyes opened for that podcast. And thanks for continuing to read what I have to say about stories and things.

All the best,

Charles Payseur

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