Monday, October 23, 2023

Regular Sip - Understudies by Priya Sridhar (Hireath Publishing)

Understudies by Priya Sridhar (Hireath Publishing)

In this follow-up to Offstage Offerings, The Haunted Basilio Theater is back, and this time it’s (fraternal) twin sisters and playwrights Stella and Evangeline, the Stardust Sisters, who are leasing it to put on a show and make a name for themselves. Part Faustian bargain, part late stage capitalism, the story follows the pair as they make a deal with the strange beings who own the theater and deal with the fallout from their bargain. 

Friday, June 23, 2023

Quick Sips 06/23/2023

In which I...

- give some brief updates

- share some reviewing advice

- am very tired

Friday, June 16, 2023

Quick Sips 06/16/2023

In which I...

- give some brief updates

- share a new story out

- admit that I am not that good at Zelda...

Hi all—your favorite disaster here, checking in after a week away due to everything happening. But I've brought a Morn picture to soothe the fact that I was too crunched last week to do much other than get ready for the local Pride in the park event, which is something of the highlight of the social calendar for the organization that I volunteer at. And, as always, it was a bit of a mess and the weather played spoiler, for while it was mostly okay, we got hammered by rain and wind just before we'd have otherwise been closing down. I was so soaked. Sigh.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Quick Sips 05/26/2023

In which I give...

- my WisCon schedule

- random updates

- weird pre-convention musings

Hi all! So it turns out this week is WisCon. AHHHHHHH! Ahem. I mean, joy! Really, though, WisCon is always amazing but also involves a lot of people and travel and general stress. But I am rather excited. And I did manage to print my little poetry chapbooks so I'll have some swag to purchase if you run into me (probably at the SignOut where I will also have copies of The Burning Day and the 2020 and 2021 We're Here. So yeah, hopefully I will also have change!

Quick Sips 05/19/2023

In which I...

- Share a mood with Morn

- Give some brief updates

- Discuss amnesia in Disco Elysium and Breath of the Wild

So I've made it another week! Yay! Though I am also still in full struggle duck mode. For those not familiar with the struggle duck, it's a bit like the struggle bus but is a duck and therefore more adorable, grumpy, and tired. Yeah. Anyway, I am basically Morn in this photo, which means exhausted and Done with everything and just wanting to let those paws dangle. The battle is not over but Morn is no longer fighting. Let the storm sweep past, let it batter itself on the mountains and over the seas. Morn will weather what comes, preferably while sleeping. Which...a mood.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Quick Sips 05/12/2023

In which I provide...
- Fur analysis on Morn

- Some brief updates

- First thoughts on Disco Elysium

Okay let's go! First off please take a moment to appreciate Morn in all his sleepy glory, here captured in an apparently comfortable(???) position. He's something of a goof but a soft one. Unfortunately with the weather turning we are entering into one of his least favorite seasons...clump season! You see, Morn is not the most fastidious of groomers, and when it gets a bit more humid, he gets these fur tangles (despite being a short haired cat) that we lovingly refer to as clumps (or if we're channeling our inner Lumpy Space Princess, his lumps). Which means our son needs to get brushed more regularly, which he is mostly against (mostly because he doesn't mind brushing when he doesn't have clumps). He much prefers the colder months because 1. heat vent is on and warm; 2. no clumps because it's dry; 3. no birds to mock him. So it goes...

Friday, May 5, 2023

Quick Sips 05/05/2023

In which I...

- Admire Morn's Little Face

- Give some updates

- Discuss Star Trek: Picard Season 3

Why hello there. Morn couldn't help but notice that he's directly on your chest, just inches from your face, and you aren't currently scratching his ears or telling him he's a pretty boy. How will you make this right?

Friday, April 28, 2023

Quick Sips 04/28/2023

A tuxedo cat lounges on a cat tower

In which I...

- Give some personal updates

- Apologize for being a mess

- Look briefly ahead to WisCon

- Discuss why I don't like Kefka (FFVI)

Hi everybody! I spent last weekend traveling, and what a difference a week makes. The weekend before we had temperatures in the 80s F, and it was gorgeous out. Since then we had a blizzard and temperatures closer to freezing, with plenty of snow, rain, sleet, and freezing rain all thrown into the mix. It made for a rather gloomy adventure, but husband and I still managed to get out and do a little bit of geocaching, and see some sights in the UP of Michigan. Not a bad weekend, all told.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Quick Sips 01/13/2023

Still here. Still trying. Basically the song of my life for the last…while. I do wonder some times if you can just be sort of stuck in a loop of burnout and productivity. I mean…I do things. Many things, really, from reading and reviewing to participating in a number of other initiatives, plus my day job, plus plus plus. Heh. But somehow I am still stuck in the thinking that I should be able to do more, and I am sort of a disaster when it comes to communication, staying on top of deadlines, and generally not feeling like a wreck. But that’s been the case for a few years now. Whew.

Friday, January 6, 2023

Quick Sips 01/06/2023

Sorry about the recent absence! The end of the year just kicked me in the teeth and honestly I haven’t been settled enough to sit down and do an update. For all that, I don’t feel there’s even much to report. I am behind on a lot of things and in the middle of a lot of things and generally screaming. But that’s not precisely new. With the new year I will renew the resolution to be less of a fuckup than last year, but I haven’t had much luck with that historically, so… well, hope remains!