Friday, March 25, 2022

Quick Sips 03/25/2022

Hi all! Apologies for skipping last week’s weekly update. There was some unexpected medical travel (I’m fine) that made for a bit of a crunch in my schedule, given my fourth Locus column was due on the 20th. So I opted to skip so I could get to what I wanted to get to for that (and even then, I wasn’t entirely successful, though I did get my column in on deadline if again a little over-wordcount). But I’m back now, not that I’m any closer to figuring out what I want to do with this space besides generally unwind and blog and touch on this or that. I might add in other things as I recover and get into a place where I’m not so…burned out all the time. Which, I mean…might be getting a little better? Sigh. We’ll see. I’m a work in progress.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Quick Sips 03/11/2022

Hi all. Happy week! Both too little and too much to report in my world, but I will make the effort. I’m moving through my reading for my next Locus column. I had some space and had received a review copy a while ago so I decided to add Reckoning #6 to the pile and have no regrets on that front. I’m actually mostly waiting for some review copies to slip free from April to finish up my reading for review. I do have a few ARCs to get through, though, either for review or blurbing. I am behind on a lot, though, and one of my goals for the next month is to organize my email and discover just what has slipped through the cracks over the last year. Sure to be a humbling situation.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Quick Sips 03/04/2022

Hi all! It’s weird, the world being what it is. I don’t tend to write much about politics or news outside of SFF in this space, and that’s not really going to change now. Not because I lack for opinions, and strong ones, but because I try to keep my actions in those areas more focused on doing rather than saying. And eff, there’s a lot to do.

My second column at Locus Magazine is out now, though. Check out the little teaser image below the bump if you want to see what I’m reviewing this month. It’s still weird to see my name in a publication like Locus, because for so long that’s been the Big Name SFF Periodical for me. I was so happy when I could afford a print subscription two years ago, and to now see me is a bit surreal still. But also exciting. I turned in my edits for my third column, and I’m busily reading for my fourth. Onward!