Friday, June 16, 2023

Quick Sips 06/16/2023

In which I...

- give some brief updates

- share a new story out

- admit that I am not that good at Zelda...

Hi all—your favorite disaster here, checking in after a week away due to everything happening. But I've brought a Morn picture to soothe the fact that I was too crunched last week to do much other than get ready for the local Pride in the park event, which is something of the highlight of the social calendar for the organization that I volunteer at. And, as always, it was a bit of a mess and the weather played spoiler, for while it was mostly okay, we got hammered by rain and wind just before we'd have otherwise been closing down. I was so soaked. Sigh.

It wasn't all bad, though—I was at the table for the Zine that my husband edits and which I do the printing for (we split the work of folding, stapling, and cutting). So I got to give away a lot of Zines that hopefully have remained dry for people. Even if they didn't, though, there is an online/electronic version that people can check out here:

For the third year in a row, I have contributed something to the Zine, though this year we weren't short artwork so everyone is spared my attempts to make visual art. Instead, there's a little flash fiction called "Fairy Circles For Broken Hearts" and it's a little historical fantasy that's hopefully cute and a wee bit sexy. Like with all my flash fiction (and especially those with a 500 word cap), I went long and had to do some creative trimming to get it under word count, but I do like it. These are really fun to do.

With Pride done and dusted, though, it's also sort of crunch time for a lot of things I'm behind on. I have turned in my editorial/intro to We're Here 2022 (and if you missed the ToC announcement, that's here: I have finished all the blurbs and documents for the last of smutty sff stories being released at JMS Books (you can find the list of those here: and will be putting together the first collection that will be available in book form soon. Oh! And We're Here 2021 is part of the Pride StoryBundle so if you haven't seen that, there are SO MANY books to get through that here:

I am...still behind on a lot, and very tired, and a series of car problems haven't exactly helped. But I'm trying. Thank you all for your understanding and patience through all this. Oh, and I guess I got back from WisCon, which was A Lot but also rather great. Just...keeping on as best I can.

I have now officially started Tears of the Kingdom, too, though I have not gotten very far yet. It's...well, I am very excited about it, and really liked the intro sky island, even as I'm much more overwhelmed by this game than by Breath of the Wild. Part of it might be that the familiar aspects that I leaned into in BotW are absent and replaced, and it'll just take some time to settle into TotK. I think a big part has been just being a little slow to adapt to the fusion system that has basically wholesale replaced weapon farming in BotW. I got very good at knowing where to find very good weapons in BotW, and I always prioritized upgrading armor, so starting the game a little behind the curve in those respects has led to a somewhat frustrating time.

Part of it might also be that I just haven't had time to really sit and settle in, though, grabbing what I can an hour here and there. And with such a massive game, that's hard to build momentum doing. Still, I am very eager to see everything the game has to offer, even if I'm a little slower than I'd like, and have been dying a bit more than is good for my ego. And no, sorry, I have not attached a Korok to a rocket...yet. My building skills are also pretty limited. But we'll see how it goes as I progress.

I am actually intrigued by the lack of amnesia in this game, and how that's impacted the early hours, especially once you hit the ground and find that the world is much changed from BotW and a lot of things Link should know he just...doesn't. Which, I mean, Link is something of a himbo so mood, but I'm interested in how the frame does impact some of my own expectations, making me want to know why the game is withholding some information that Link would have, especially when it comes to knowing people who obviously know him.

But yeah, I will continue to report on that as I slowly play more. Otherwise, I will try to stay sane and on top of my stuff as much as possible. Hope you're all having a wonderful June!


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